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  • Priya
    Priya, student
    I had such a great experience conducting research with the Lakhanpal Vein Foundation. As a data collector, I learned how to extract important information from electronic medical records and how to write results in proper scientific language. Shadowing physicians and nurses while conducting research contributed to an overall enriching project. Although I have decided to pursue a career in dentistry, my work with the Lakhanpal Vein Foundation exposed me to the stepwise scientific process of research and has given me insight into how much time and hard work goes into conducting research. I am so grateful for my mentors for giving me the opportunity to participate in vascular research.
    Journal Venous diseases – How to avoid getting old
  • Levan
    Levan, student
    It is an incredibly exciting privilege to be part of such a passionate team at the Lakhanpal Vein Foundation. I have had the opportunity to work on several studies, including “Presentation patterns in women with pelvic venous disorders differ based on age of presentation” which was published in Phlebology in September 2020. I worked with the team on every stage of the process, from study design to data collection, manuscript revisions and even presentation at a national conference. The most rewarding part is seeing the study results change practice behaviors and ultimately have direct clinical impact on patient’s treatments and their lives.
    Journal of Phlebology – Presentation patterns in women with pelvic venous disorders differ based on age of presentation
  • Arjun Shetty
    Arjun Shetty, student
    Participating in this research helped me achieve my goal of gaining competency in large scale data based research. It allowed me to achieve a more well-rounded understanding of the medical field, and how clinical practice in culmination with data analytics can improve treatment. This work confirmed my decision to pursue a medical degree, as it showed me how diverse the healthcare field is, and how meaningful research can be conducted with the goal of improving clinical outcomes. I learned that the research process is dynamic and takes time. It involves adjusting and changing perspective, and allowing for unexpected obstacles. The team was very helpful in supporting my efforts.
    Anticoagulation of venous stents for non-thrombotic venous lesions does not increase stent patency

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