This retrospective study was undertaken to review our experience with ablation of superficial veins with significant reflux, using VNUS ClosureFAST RF (radiofrequency) or laser 980 nm, in patients with primary chronic venous ulcers, and also determine its effects in ulcer healing and ulcer recurrence.


Included were 25 limbs (18 patients with chronic primary venous ulcers (clinical, aetiological, anatomical and pathological elements [CEAP] classification C6), who underwent endovenous ablation with RF for the axial veins or laser for the perforating veins during a two-year period.


Of the 18 patients, there were eight men and 10 women. The median age of the group was 68 (range 37–89) years. The number of ablations done in each leg with an ulcer varied from one to eight, with a median of three. During a follow-up period of 6–12 months, one patient failed ulcer healing despite sequential ablations of refluxing veins. There was one case that developed recurrence of a small ulcer after six months and was successfully treated with a perforator ablation.


Endovenous ablation of incompetent superficial veins improves the healing of chronic primary venous ulcers and decreases the recurrence rates.